How to Know You Need to Repair or Renovate Your Concrete Driveway

The driveway is one of the spaces in your property that faces the most foot traffic and undergoes a number of different elements. A driveway that is made with concrete can be a durable feature but it can also suffer damages from certain elements. These elements include build-up from ice or the weight of your vehicle. Whether you need to have your concrete driveway repaired or renovated depends on certain signs that you will need to look out for. A thorough examination can ensure a quality end result for your concrete driveway.

Signs to Look Out For to Repair Your Driveway

There are different ways that your concrete driveway can get damaged over time and it can be hard to tell what is the right sign that dictates a need for either a renovation or repair. When it comes to needing to repair your driveway, they are as follows:

Small Unconnected Lines and Potholes

If there are any lines that are ¼ inch wide, it is best to repair them quickly before they spread further. Should water get into these cracks and freeze, it can widen the damage even more and make it deeper. Potholes also need a quick repair and can improve the safety and curb appeal of your driveway.

Crumbling Edges and Sunken Areas

The edges of your driveway may crumble due to being too thin during its installation and to further prevent this, you can add edging. Other than this, you will want to check for any sinking in the area, especially right outside of your garage.

Other Issues

Aside from these noted damages that indicate a need for repairs, you’ll also want to look out for any faded colouring which can be touched up by a new stain application and sealer. The main indicator that it is better to repair your concrete driveway rather than renovate it is when it is 10 years old or less.

Signs Your Concrete Driveway Needs Renovation

The main indicator that will tell you that you will need to consider a renovation/replacement for your concrete driveway is if it is 20 years old or more. Along with this, you will need to check for the following issues:

Eroded Sub-base

When this happens, you will want to have the entire section of concrete removed and replaced.

Large Cracks/ Alligator and Spider Cracks

Any large cracks that are more than 2 inches deep and extend all the way through the concrete to the sub-base will allow water in and cause further damage to the base after freezing by expanding the damage. As for alligator or spider cracks, they are generally cracks that are interconnected and cover the majority of a driveway and have the appearance of reptile scales.

Multiple Potholes and Draining Problems

The show of multiple pit holes that are deep enough to damage the foundation is something that’ll make you want to consider a renovation. When it comes to drainage, any damage to your driveway which causes issues to drainage can result in damage to your house foundation with the wrong water redirection.

Whatever signs that you find with your driveway, you will want to have a professional service to provide quality materials to ensure that your concrete driveway repair or renovation needs. There are a variety of options that you can go for and one option you can select is Essendon Concreters.

Selecting Essendon Concreters as an Option for Your Concrete Driveways

Essendon Concreters is one of the professional services you can be assured to have quality materials with reliable professionals you can consult within evaluating your driveway. Whether it is to repair or renovate your concrete driveway Essendon Concreters can provide it for you. Having worked on numerous concreting projects over the years, this professional service team can help meet whatever concreting needs you may have. If this service team is not enough, you’ll find there are different options to be had to care for your concrete driveway.


A concrete driveway can be a sturdy feature to have for your property but with how much your driveway can face from different elements, your driveway can undergo a lot of wear and there. Depending on the length of damage found in your driveway, you will either need to repair or renovate it. Generally, it will depend on both the damage and the age of the driveway. When having your concrete driveway worked on, you will want to have a reliable service like Essendon Concreters to help meet your concreting needs. Overall, a concrete driveway can have a lot of options and need evaluation with the right care.

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