How Can You Properly Maintain Polished Concrete Floors?

Some may perceive concrete as plain and boring, but with the help of technology and various developments, this material can also be a stunning and luxurious flooring option. Polished concrete floors are one of the most sought-after decorative concrete flooring choices for commercial and residential properties in Essendon. With its sleek finish and durability, it is popularly used in high-traffic commercial and retail establishments.

At Essendon Concreters, we offer highly durable and long-lasting polished concrete. This material is not difficult to maintain. In fact, if it is properly installed and treated, it is one of the best low-maintenance flooring options you can have. However, if you prefer to make the most of your polished concrete floors for the years to come, you have to know how to properly maintain and clean them. That is why our team will share with you a simple guide on how you can take care of this decorative concrete floor. Check out the tips below to keep the shiny and brand new look of your polished concrete floors.

Use a dust mop.

Whether you have polished concrete floors on your home or have them in your office and commercial establishment, it is best to know that regularly removing dust particles, dirt, and grime is a must. If you let dirt, debris and grime accumulate on your polished concrete floor, its ability to resist surface abrasion can be reduced.

Once the dirt and grime have sat on the floor’s surface for too long, they will penetrate the pores of the concrete and eat away its shine and polish. That is why if you wish to maintain the glow and durability of your polished concrete floors, you have to regularly dust mop its surface using a microfiber pad.

Clean spills and stains immediately.

At Essendon Concreters, we recommend cleaning any stains or spills on polished concrete floors as soon as possible. This is because if you leave them on the floor for too long, the stain or spill will penetrate the concrete and affect its composition. However, it is essential to remember that you can’t scrub the surface too hard.

Just grab a mop and a bucket filled with water and mild or neutral cleaner. Wipe the surface gently to get rid of the stain or spill. Remember that you should not use bleach, ammonia or other overly acidic cleaners on your polished concrete floors because these highly reactive substances can remove the polish and shine of your floor.

Periodically seal the surfaces.

If you wish to maintain the shiny new look of your polished concrete floor for decades, it might be best to periodically seal its surface. Since its protective layer can be reduced through frequent mopping and daily wear and tear, you may need to seal its surfaces every two years.

Although you may not notice visible damages on your polished concrete floors, it is still essential to have them properly sealed so they can withstand heavy foot traffic, weathering and general wear. The sealer can also help protect the polished concrete floor’s surface from liquid spills, oil stains and acidic etching. After you seal its surface, you can also burnish it with a high grit polishing pad to enhance its shine and gloss.

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