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Exposed Aggregate Concreting in Essendon

Do you want to enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor space such as your patio or driveway? Do you find your driveway too plain and simple? We can help you improve your outdoor space. We install exposed aggregates in driveways, patios, poolsides,  and other similar outdoor spaces.

Exposed aggregates add beauty and elegance to your home or building. 

Our exposed aggregate finishing services:

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As professional concreters, we have developed the habit of cleaning up our project areas. We will leave your property pristine and visually appealing.

What Exactly Are Exposed Aggregates?

Exposed aggregates are also known as decorative concrete. Aggregates can be broken glass, stone, granite, quartzite, gravel, and limestone. These are made by removing the top layer of the concrete to reveal the texture and colour of the aggregate beneath it. Exposed aggregate concretes are durable and are slip-resistance. 

Different types of exposed aggregate finishes:
Standard Exposed Aggregate
Aggregate is mixed in the concrete.
Seeded Aggregate
Aggregates are placed into the surface of the wet concrete to control the design and finish. This is a labour-intensive finish. 
Topping Aggregate
The initial concrete slab is poured to build the base of the surface. Once it dries, the aggregate is poured on the top.
Common Ways of Creating Exposed Aggregates:
Concrete Grinding/Polishing
Grinding removes the top layer of the cement and cuts the aggregate smoothly and uniformly.
Abrasive Blasting
An abrasive is blasted at the hardened concrete to expose the sand and aggregate. This gives a rough texture – similar to sandpaper.
Acid Etching
Muriatic acid and water – or acid solution – is applied to the hardened concrete surfaces. This process burns or etches the through the cement, leaving the sands and aggregates exposed. Its finishing texture is similar to the abrasive blasting finishing texture.

Exposed Aggregate Benefits

Before deciding if you should get an exposed aggregate concrete, you must consider its pros and cons. If you’re still undecided, you can consult us. We will listen to your plans and suggestions. We will also give friendly advice on what we can do to attain your goals and plans.


  • Affordable
  • Easy and simple to install
  • You can choose your own decorative aggregate
  • It can combat wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions
  • It doesn’t require regular and intensive maintenance
  • You can just use water to clean it
  • Resealing is done every few years
  • You can create your style to match your home or building
  • Skid-resistant – making it perfect for poolsides or pool surrounds
  • Decorative stones and aggregates are easily damaged
  • May need to replace damaged stones
  • Can get holes if dislodged by water or heavy vehicles
  • Repairs are challenging and can be a hassle
  • Holes or stones that are removed breaks the bond of the concrete and the aggregate
  • The added cost for sealing every few years
If you consider installing exposed aggregates, you should also consider the type of stone you would use as an aggregate. Choosing the correct material according to your purpose makes a huge difference. Exposed aggregate concrete is an excellent and affordable material for your home and commercial buildings.
Our team of experienced concreters can help you in deciding which is the best tile for you – considering your purpose and budget. We offer friendly suggestions and advice to meet your needs.