Why Have Concrete Countertops Over Granite Countertops

With a renovation project involving your kitchen, there are a number of options available for different kitchen features. Among the different features that can bring out your kitchen’s style, the countertops are one of them. A countertop can come in different styles and be constructed with a variety of materials. If you are looking for one of the sturdier materials to use for countertops, concrete is a top suggestion. You’ll find that another popular material choice for countertops due to their natural hues is granite countertops. When comparing the two though, you’ll find that there are a number of points that favour concrete for countertops.

Concrete VS Granite

Concrete is a material that is made from a mixture of cement and aggregate like sand or crushed limestone. Aggregate, when added to the cement mix, impart specific qualities, like increased strength or a certain colour or texture. As a countertop material, you will find that concrete can provide customizable options. For example, if you mix in an irregular pigment mix, you can have a countertop that mimics granite, marble, or any other type of stone. Depending on the type of pigment mix, there is a variety of looks that you can go for.

Granite on the other hand, when polished, has a very luxurious look, with deep hues and all sorts of natural variations. Aesthetic-wise, granite’s colour and pattern variation can depend on where the granite comes from, some examples being blue granite from Brazil, gold granite from Italy, and shimmering black from Norway. When comparing the two, there are different factors to look into including durability, weight, and aesthetics.

The two materials have their own appeals when it comes to their designs but you’ll find that concrete can also be rather fluid with the right mould. You can have it designed to have all sorts of curves plus have all sorts of built-ins and embedded objects. These objects include drain boards, sinks, trivets, knife slots, your old coin collection, or even a water feature running along with the backsplash.

It is not to say that granite is a lesser material than concrete. Granite can be a great option for other renovation features and with the right consultation, you can maximize the material. Countertop wise though, you’ll find that concrete can provide numerous style options for your kitchen. The main downside with this material is that it can be prone to staining over time and you will need to reseal it when needed.

For a quality concrete countertop that can meet your design needs, you will want to look into professional service groups that can offer quality materials. One option that you can go for is Essendon Concreters.

How Essendon Concreters Can Be An Option For Concrete Countertops

While there are a number of different services that you can choose to help with your renovation project, with concrete projects, Essendon Concreters is a group to have on your list. Essendon Concreters is a long-time service that has worked on numerous projects with quality concrete designs and materials. With reliable professionals that you can consult with, you’ll find there are multiple choices you can make with this team. Simply put, if you want to have an option for a dependable service that can help with your kitchen features with quality materials, have this professional service group in mind.


There are different ways that you can have your kitchen countertop and a number of materials you can have it made from. Out of the different materials you can choose from, one of the top choices you could make for your countertop is a concrete countertop. Concrete countertops offer versatility in design and make for a sturdy choice for your kitchen. If you would like a reliable professional service that can provide quality materials to meet your concrete needs, Essendon Concreters is an option to have. When comparing concrete countertops to other types of countertops, you’ll find that the latter has a lot to offer.

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